Gratitudes from a Day at Home

Giving the 5 year old a list of “to do’s” and she didn’t bulk (too much).
Listening to her belt out with much dramatic flair the lyrics of “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen while carrying the tablet to each room while cleaning. Then she switches to alittle Jason Aldean music, I have NO clue where she gets her music choices or
 how she knows where to to input the correct emotion on each song.  
(Ok fine…. I do, yes we are hairbrush microphone singers and we can admit!)
Hence, it’s only 9:00 am and I already have had a few laughs and a warmed heart today from this little gal.  SO glad God chose ME to be her Mommy!

Technology so I can assist my clients even when I’m not in the office.
Cuddles, book reading, and games with little girls.
Daddy’s who find lost basketballs, from the Kansas wind and tolerate the dramatic flair
 that comes from his daughter when at first unable to find it!
The opportunities given to me through my job, my faith, my family, friends, and 
those I don’t even know that well.
Thank you’s from my oldest child, although her life has taken a hard hit this week.
A fellow church member and school worker telling me how kind my daughter is.
Breakfast food for supper, especially when I didn’t have to make it! 
Thank you to the LLL (Men of our church) for providing supper tonight!
I truly appreciate each of these gifts and many more!
Thanks for stopping by!


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