Selfies & Insecurities

As I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed this morning, someone had shared this video.

I’m not really into Selfies much, but I figured I’d take a gander!

I’m glad I did.

Take a look.

I’m a Mother that struggles with her body image, 
her mental image,
 and just basically her image at times.
So in this video when it talked about Mother’s body images 
and how they express it in front of their daughters, it hit home.
Pang of guilt.
Mother guilt.
You know, the pesky visitor that hits us just when we don’t want it to!
With my two older daughters, I was very vocal about my body insecurities.
I still do on occasion, but I try very hard not to with PV or the older girls now.
Someone pointed out to me one day, the reality
of how my vocal expressions of myself affected my daughters.
When my middle daughter was a teenager, “L” ,
which was a co-worker  and friend pointed out to me 
that I speak too often about this particular subject.
In front of my children.
It hit me hard, it made me feel that guilt,
but it was also a wakeup call.  
I didn’t change overnight, but I am much better than I used to be.
I still have the insecurities, I just don’t voice them in front of my children.
The damage I did, I see it on occasion  with my older children that are adults.
Am I terrible Mother.
Could I have done better.
Can I tell my story to others to help them.
That’s my hope.
To inspire you, the way I have been inspired.
Know this, beautiful or flawed it doesn’t matter.

Those children before you, embrace you for who you are.

Keep the words at bay, talk with a close friend about your insecurities.
Tell the child that beauty comes from within.
I’m a work in progress.
I invite you to come with me on this journey.
A journey to bring the beauty of others to the
forefront of the daily life we lead!
Thanks for stopping by!


Off the track alittle here for a moment…..
Although some people feel it is wrong for DOVE to 
use female insecurities to promote their products 
I do not.  I guess I look at it this way.
They are bringing awareness to those Mothers/Parents that express openly negitive comments and if they give a wake up call to one of them, then it was worth the tons of money they spent on the advertising.  There are ALOT worse advertisements out there for products we use. 
Also I love their Cucumber Melon bar soap, I use it daily! 🙂

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