Recalling the Good Times

One morning this week,  I was getting ready for the day, and began my thought process.  This is when I usually make my “lists” , which include anything from groceries, to do’s, blog post items, meal planning, etc.  

Today I was feeling alittle beside myself and decided, how about I 
recall good times to help me get to feeling chipper?

So I did.  I started recalling times that brought me joy or happiness.

I’d like to share some with you.   I’m sure the reason this one came to mind first, is because some ladies at our church, myself included are hosting a baby shower/fund raiser for  the friend.  

Here goes…..

I delivered a loaf of bread to her house, and her husband answered the door.  She’d been away on a Haiti mission.  To this point in our relationship we weren’t super close, just warming up to the friendship department I’d say.

She came strolling up to the door, large smile on her face, and arms already extending. She hugged me.  It was a good down to your bones, oh how happy I am to see you kinda hug. Although I had brought my friend 
her a favorite kind of bread, 
I was the one that received so much in less than 5 minutes.  
I can feel the hug right now! 🙂
This is where I think we truly became connected as friends. 
This is a treasure for my “memory feeling box”.

Walking across the stage to get my diploma from High School. It felt like such a huge accomplishment for me, after becoming a Mother at such a young age.
Hugs from my Dad.
Making my middle daughter’s quilt with my Mother. 
We tied it in my backyard in the sunshine.

Walking down the aisle to marry Milton.

Having my 2nd born call for marriage or cooking advice.
Watching my husband meet his daughter for the first time.
Seeing a red head on the first day of my freshman year in a new 
school that looked almost as scared as I.  
Later to become my best friend.
Watching my 1st born deliver her 1st born.

My first mission trip with a youth group and great co-leader to Kansas City.  It was hard, it was wonderful, it was perfect, yet not so perfect.  I can still see the block of houses we worked on and the children playing in the streets with our youth the last day we were there.  That was one of THE best choices I ever made, going on that trip.

Hearing my youngest daughter tell me, “GOD/JESUS loves you” each morning on 
her way out the car to school.  

I could share more, but right now, I’m challenging you to open your memory feeling box. Take out a couple memories that fill your heart with warmth, 
bring a smile to your face, and peace in your soul.  

Relish them.  Just bask in them for awhile.  Let the other things go to the side.

How’s that feel?  

I’m guessing kinda lovely.  Let’s practice this often shall we?

Thanks for stopping by!

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