Tidbit Memories That make my Heart Full

Warning….. this post will be all over the place.  I just wanted to document some joys, some thoughts, some happenings, some whatevers! These days moments are passing me by quicker than I can retain, so I’m documenting.  For myself, my children, my family.  I hope it helps you to stop for  moment and just think back, pick out the “gems” of your week, and journal about them.  Mine are from the past couple weeks.

Conversations with a child that make you feel uncomfortable, yet both of you grow when it’s over.

Being told you weren’t hired to make tons of money, you were hired “because you care about people”.  
Friends that make you feel beautiful even though you are shopping for a larger size then you care to.
Funerals. They are difficult and beautiful.  Hearing the stories of one’s life brings me some comfort and the music can create in one so many emotions you are all over the board.  We lost a family member and although I only knew her for a couple years, she was one special little girl.  She did a whole lot more for my family than we did for her.  My youngest (and the rest of my family) witnessing her father care for her at our first gathering together, was a lesson you don’t pick up everyday. I pray my daughter retains that memory and it creates in her heart the ability to care for others just as “N” did for his daughter.  My oldest daughter went beyond where she thought she could in caring for another to become stronger, and that is a blessing.  
Movies that are somewhat confusing to others, but you get completely, because it resembles so much of your life it’s frightening.  It brings you comfort and discord all at the same time.
Cuddles in jammies, watching movies with the family.The loveseat is getting smaller with each month, I will cherish these days, for I know soon she’ll be too big to sit between us for movies!
An unexpected embrace and comment (“my daughter Julie”) from someone that  I took care of in a professional manner for years. It made the really hard week, get all better.  (Having them love me as much as I love them makes my heart warm.)
The day I realized my husband took on a lot more than he anticipated when he married me ten plus years ago and still sticking it out.

The dark quiet Sunday mornings, with the ones I love sound asleep, and my house is a wreck, and feeling it’s completely ok this way.

Having a 21 year old child call you twice yesterday asking about simple cooking questions. I love it, I won’t lie.  I guess there was a plus from her not being in the kitchen with me when growing up! 🙂
Grandaughters that you get to talk on the phone with that say “GRANDMA JUUUUUUUUUULIE” like no other!  Smiling all the while!

Daddy’s that take their little girls to open houses at ATV/Motorcycle shops.  They let them eat cheetos, chili, hot dogs, sit on ATVs, and pet shop dogs!  Daddy’s that spend an entire Saturday with their little girl to give their wife even more time away from home.

I know I haven’t blogged much about farming in the past 5 months, but I hope when spring makes it’s appearance I can once again show you the beauty of it.  Until then, I hope you enjoy what I have shared.  I hope I am able to inspire you and perhaps give something to giggle about when you read my blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


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