Sun Dogs & Strangers – Inspirations?

Sun dog – February 5, 2014 – View from the Farm road.
  I’m one of those people that loves a good “inspirational story”  or movie. 
Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have someone inspire and comfort me. 
I had not met him before yesterday, he was a stranger.

I was in somewhat of a state of panic yesterday afternoon.  This month marks the sixth one in my career as an agent.  That is significant, but that’s not what I’m going to blog about.  You just needed to know my state of mind to some degree.

Mr. S, that’s what we will call him, had called to come by the office to obtain his quote.  
I actually needed to leave earlier than normal, because my 
sweet hubby had driven me to work since all the snow had arrived! 
 He needed to get home before dark to clean up the church parking lot with the tractor.
Note, I’m sure God was laughing during my attempt to control my afternoon.
Here is why.

Mr. S  and I had never met prior to yesterday, my staff had collected his information, and I did the work.  When I came out of my office to greet him, as I shook his hand, I instantly felt warmth.  Not from nervousness either, but from his warm smile, and solid hand shake.  It was like he was excited “just to see me”!  I know, that probably isn’t the real reason he was so happy, but let’s go with it! It made me feel really good!

We made our way into my office, and began to chat.  Small talk to get to know one another, and I totally forgot I needed to leave early.  In fact, I could have invited the man to dinner and probably listened to his stories for the entire evening, and never looked at a clock!

Here’s the inspiration part, or at least a section of it.  After about 15 minutes into the presentation, he is telling a story, and explains to me he was born deaf.  I did notice hearing aides, but didn’t think too much about it, he is an older gentleman.  Then he tells me he is 80% deaf in BOTH ears.  80% is no small amount folks!  He didn’t hardly miss a thing I said to be honest, and when he did he calmly asked me to repeat. 
But honestly, it wasn’t too many times. 

Inspiration to me comes from the fact that in his life he raised a family, 
worked a job for many years, has four college degrees, and has to read lips, 
and body langauge every day all day!  He does it without complaint from my preception!

 Then he said this.
“I do not have a handicap, I just do things in a different function”.  

If that doesn’t inspire one, I’m not sure what will!  
The other inspiring part of my short visit with Mr. S was this.  
He openly spoke of his faith in Jesus Christ.  The moments in my office, 
where this particular subject arises,  brings me a great deal of comfort .
(hence the panic was pretty much gone now)
God – 1  Julie-0
 Sometimes people come into your life that end up being treasures.
  This interaction with another human, is one for my memory feeling box
 I am thankful for Mr. S.

God provided me with comfort and inspiration yesterday afternoon 
when I  was beside myself.  Unfortunately, I know myself, 
I will probably once again become weak,
 but in my weakness, HE is strong.

I hope you feel inspired to share a warm smile, a solid hand shake, your faith in Christ, 
or just something to enhance another’s day.  
I know I am!

Thanks for stopping by!

  (Hebrews 13:2)
“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”

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