Time Management & A Pew

It’s time to figure out some sort of time management for my life!  Since becoming an insurance agent, our schedules and my emotions have been on one crazy roller coaster ride! 
 I have decided now that corn planting is upon us, 
and the winter slowness of farming has come to a halt, 
I better get my act together!

0ur 6 row planter is small, but it gets the job done! 

You might remember this post about my 2014 word.  
That little gal, sits in the corner of my credenza 
in my office, where I can see her daily. 

 I have to admit, sometimes she has been intimidating!  
You know, that wild red hair, a flag that says BE BRAVE, 
when all I want to do is crawl under my desk!  
My grandaughter changed her dress 
the other day when she was in the office,
 so “BRAVE GIRL” has two occupations.  
Entertain small children and motivate grown woman!  
 I actually put her in the desk drawer the other day, 
it was one of those days!
But she’s back out now!

I can put the doll in the drawer and try to hide.  But it won’t last forever, eventually facing the decisions to be 
made and heading down a path of unknown!

 So I need to get organized, say no to somethings, set schedules, expect less perfection of myself, don’t worry about what others think so much, help as many people as I can,
and become who God intended me to be.
Even if it isn’t what I think is right for my life! 

First and foremost, my family deserves 
the best momma and wife I can be!
Which means that replenishing my soul is 
essential in daily and weekly living.  
Quality time and conversation with them is a must. 

Nourishing the talents I have been given, 
and caring for others is important.  

Gathering information and reaching others 
will enhance not only my life but theirs I hope.

More to be done as well but I won’t 
go into full detail here!

But let me ask you, are you in the midst 
of re-organizing or changing some things in your life?  
Where do you gain perspective or information to aide you? 

One of my main sources is my spouse of course.  
My friends and even my Pastor aide 
me in my journey of decisions. 
 And on occasion a stranger or
 acquaintance will help me see the light!
I continue to try to make God the first to turn to in 
both joys and struggles.  
Prayer and in the word aides me, 
I need to work on that, to place it first and do it more.   

We are coming upon Holy week.  
Although it will be week full of evening busyness most nights, I plan to remind myself that there was a 
much larger sacrifice given for me many years ago.  

I will find myself in the small blonde pew several times this week, I plan to forget the list of to do’s and how hard it may be to get my 6 year old up the next morning.  
Small sacrifice, huge benefits, 
and remembering the meaning of the season.

Holy week only comes around once a year but the reminders of the events are relevant on a 
daily basis for my living all year long.

May grace be upon your life and may you find your way to a pew this Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, 
Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  
(And many more times throughout the year!)

Thanks for stopping by!


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