Messy Recipes- Yummy Enchiladas

Today my blog post is about making enchiladas.  Most people and restaurants I know make them with enchilada sauce. 

I don’t.  

About 15 years ago, I had a lovely Hispanic friend that was in my church group.  At one of our monthly women’s group meetings she taught us how to make 
these delicious layers of loveliness! 
My family loves them but I don’t make 
them as often anymore.  
So I decided I would make a batch for 
each one of my older girl’s families for Easter.

I will warn you, this is alittle time consuming 
and multi-tasking at it’s best.  
It helps if you have at least  one other person to help, 
but I did mine alone today.  
Milton was out planting and tilling in the garden!

Here’s what my assembly line looks like 
when I get ready to start!  
It’s nice and organized and clean……

And here is what I used!

Tortillas ( today my batch made about 30) Any size
Ground Beef – 2 lbs. cooked with alittle onion, rinse & drain.
Shredded Cheese – your choice of type
Lettuce – Iceberg (I used the bagged shredded for convenience)
Chili seasoning – any brand will work, but my friend swears by Williams, in the silver packet.  
I usually buy it but had a large canister from Sam’s.
Canola oil (1/2 cup)
2 skillets
Dinner plate or platter
Cake pan lined with foil, spray foil with Pam.
Tongs/spatula – something to pull tortillas out of pans

The assembly line is the following:


Skillet with water and chili seasoning mixed together, put on very low heat. Continue on low heat. Use whisk to mix and break up seasoning.

Skillet – and you will use the canola oil in this skillet 
but ONLY put a tiny bit.   Retain on low heat.

You take the tortilla, dip in the water/seasoning for just abit, pull out.  Let excess liquid slide off, back into skillet.  Now you will lay the tortilla in the skillet of oil, just long enough to retain the color.   Flip tortilla, wait.  Then put on plate, fill with hamburger, lettuce, and cheese. 

Fold up and lay folded side down in cake pan. Continue to make and stack them until the cake pan is full.  

Cover the cake pan tightly with foil, put in oven at 350 degrees to heat through, about 30 minutes.  I usually wait until my cheese is melted.  

This is what my kitchen looks like when I am done.  
See…… messy kitchen!

I also make cheese ones.  Same procedure, no meat or lettuce! My older girls prefer the cheese ones!

I have made the beef filled ones without lettuce, but honestly for some reason, I do not care for them. 
 Just something about that mixture!
I usually eat mine with salsa and sour cream on 
top and spanish rice on the side.  
(The rice is from a package, not homemade!)

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!


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