Simple Things – Simple Joys – Simple Farm Life

Last evening I was able to be home right after my daughter got off the bus.  I quickly changed my clothes because I couldn’t wait to get outside & enjoy the weather!  It was lovely!
I decided homework could wait, the weather was there to be enjoyed, and we hadn’t had a “mule” ride for a long time!

We headed over to the farm yard to get the mule
 and gather the daily egg production!

Milton had been planting corn and I could hear him coming down the road with the tractor and planter.
He had just finished the last field of corn!
Some rain would be great right about now!

Guess who gets to drive!  She is pretty good, 
but Dad controls the brake and gas! 
She has alittle of her momma in her, 
I tend to like to go fast! OOPS!
We headed to the pond.  
Boys will be boys! 
 Playing with a snapping turtle.
Another reason we need rain.
This is the pond. 
We use the pond water to flood irrigate. 

My Father in law was moving some dirt around in the pond area. We stopped to see how it was going and visit a bit.

This evening helped me remember what is important in life.

What brings happiness and contentment to my family.
The simple things in life, rides on the UTV, laughing together, checking crops, and creating a simple life. 

We hope your days are full of happiness!
Thanks for stopping by!

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