Book Review & Grandpa’s GIfts

In the past week, PV has attended two wheat tour meetings. She was obtaining valuable knowledge about wheat crops!  She did very well at the meetings Milton said. I am proud of both of them, Milton for being willing to take her and PV for behaving.  She may be in the minority at these meetings but I think it helps her to know, that at no matter what age, educating oneself is important.
At the second meeting, there was a speaker, Jim Shroyer.  He has spent many years as a faculty member in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University.  
He is also an author.  He wrote the following book.
“Holly Greets the World”

PV came home with an autographed copy of the book!  
Thanks to her Grandpa!
I was fortunate enough to get to read it to her last night.  I have to say, it really is a good book.
It’s well written and the illustrations are lovely.  The story is one that teaches and also includes a family setting.  I would recommend this book for sure!
In fact, PV even learned things from it.  Here on our farm we do not have mother cows and calves.  So she inquired about what “nursing” was. 
 So the conversation on how a cow feeds the calf was discussed.  
I believe it’s time to make some visits to our friends farm that has a cow/calf operation!
You can find this book at Amazon here.  It’s $10.00, and I think it’s well worth that.  I will probably be giving it as gifts in the future. And when he writes more books, I will buy those too!
I like the fact that PV’s grandpa gave it to her as a gift.
It makes it even more special!
Thanks for stopping by!

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