Prayer to a Listening God

When I read this prayer this morning from the Lutheran Prayerbook, I instantly thought of my husband.  Perhaps because of the first line about the labor in the heat of the day.  I felt it was a beautiful prayer for everyone, whether you farm or not.  But today I am dedicating it to all the Farmers and Ranchers out there!

O God, we labor in the heat of the day. So often the labor feels hopeless, unproductive, useless.

An yet, you hear our silent cries.
You give us one another to speak that which we in our pain cannot speak.
You give us your Word that utters those things we cannot find the words to say.
Not only do you give us the words to speak, but you also turn your ear to us and hear us – even when all we have strength to whisper is  “Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.”
For you have promised to hear us.
You have promised to turn your face to shine upon us.
You have promised to be our shade when the heat of the day snaps our strength and the well of hope runs dry.
And you have promised even in the silence, to give us the sweet sound of peace.

By John McCullough Bade from “Will I Sing Again? Listening for the Melody of Grace in the Silence of Illness and Loss.”

2 thoughts on “Prayer to a Listening God

  1. I always think of the mustard seed; we just have to have that much faith. Even on the hard days I have more faith than a mustard seed. There will be better days and everyday we have so much to be thankful for.Hang in there and watch the sun as it rises and sets. Take a deep breath and know that He loves you.


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