Wheat Harvest 2014 – Day 1

Yesterday marked the first day of cutting wheat for 2014 for our farm family!  We were filled with anticipation and excitement! We have waited patiently to jump right into a harvest of our largest crop we raise!  It’s normally 10 to 14 days long, depending on weather and breakdowns and wheat being ripe!  Today is no exception it was a typical Kansas summer!  Hot, humid, and very windy on this 17th day of June! 

My husband, the farmer sent me this picture text around 2:15 pm today showing me the first full combine bin of wheat!  

It made this farm wife long to be at the farm verses sitting at her desk in front of the computer at her off the farm job.   Being a farm wife that works off the farm is sometimes a struggle in many different ways. The longer we are married the more my passion and peace come from being at the farm. 

As I mentioned in this post, I don’t know much about operating equipment or running tractors, but I do try to do my part? Which entails the feeding side of things.  This is alittle bit about how my first day of harvest went as the off the farm working farm wife!

Majority of the day at my office, left early to get groceries and child from daycare!
I had to stop at the store because my harvest menu was somewhat made but not all items bought! Oops! Normally I am a way better planner!  Seriously, just ask my friends!

Once home, I raddled off a list of things the farm kid needed to do.  Of course I had to repeat them because….well… she is six!

And she was too concerned with checking out our dog Charlie’s new cast!  Red, white, and blue! Whoo Hoo!

Me: Get the eggs, wash the eggs, give the dog fresh water!

Daughter: Can I swim?

Me: No you can’t swim, we are going to field, it’s wheat harvest!  The child is a fish since taking swimming lessons this year! I tell ya she would live in her little pool if we let her!

We had an oddball whiter than normal egg last night!  See it???

I threw a load of laundry in, turned oven on for the casserole, changed my clothes, cut up watermelon and finally put the casserole in the oven. Prodded the kiddo to get  moving on her chores some more!  Fed kiddo and self, packed farmer’s supper on the go, and loaded kiddo up to head to the field!

We had to wait a bit for him to get another bin full… we entertained ourselves as you can tell! 🙂  Yes we are that goofy!

You would probably like to see some actual harvesting photos huh? 

Ok  here ya go!

See how short the wheat is!  One of the things I love about my husband is the fact that he is pretty optimistic about things.  Although the wheat will not be as good as the past couple years, he still feels it’s going to better than we anticipated.  We won’t know for awhile, but God will sustain us no matter the outcome.  This we know.

Dad in law waiting for the semi to be loaded.  This man has seen many changes in farming.  He is 85 years old and still participates on a daily basis.  

Finally time for the Farmer to eat.  Tailgates make such good tables.  Little girls can play in the bed and Dad can visit with her about her day!

Um… this might be the last year she fits on Dad’s lap to help drive!  Oh my!

I really do enjoy listening to these two.  He is always teaching her about things.  He never feels she is too young.  Here he is explaining the switches and when it was time to shut them down, he let her do it.  She watches the lights for the signal where the bin is full and loves to put out the auger arm from the combine to unload. 

Our 2014 Family wheat harvest photo! 
I’m not sure us 3 will fit in the cab for much longer either! 😦

And every year I take an annual photo of these two.

This year was no different!

Once we rode around for awhile, PV and I headed back home.  Although it was late, this momma let her swim, which made her giddy!  I threw that load of laundry into the dryer, started another load,  made another casserole and dessert for day 2 meal, and got the kiddo bathed, read to, and in bed! 

Although it was a busy and sometimes tiring day, I know it’s worth it.  I know that my family deserves the best of me, whether I am on or off the farm.  And if feeding my farmer, washing his really dirty clothes, and hugging him is all I can do as a farm wife, it’s enough for now.

This post is dedicated to all those farm wives, farm mothers, women farmers.  It takes alot to be what is needed but we always pull through when the time comes.  May all the harvests be safe and continue for your farms for years to come!

Thanks for stopping by!  

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