2014 Wheat Harvest – Day 2

Day 2  harvesting started at 10:00 am!  
But before they could start cutting wheat for this day, there was other work to be done!  
They have to unload the semi and grain truck that had wheat from the last cutting of Day 1.   
They unloaded into the underground pit and then it will go into the grain bins to store.  

What this means is that we sell most of our grain at a different time than harvest.
Although we do “contract” some of our wheat, we can watch the markets for the rest,
and choose to sell when we want.  Grain markets can be volatile and there are many factors
around the world that influence what the grain markets do.
 Milton gets text messages throughout the day telling him where the markets are at currently.

Milton spent the day harvesting wheat in the same area as Day 1.  It went pretty well.
The wheat is short which means he cuts low to the ground, there were spots that were wet but nothing too bad he said.
They did finish this area/field up on Day 2 about 10:00pm.

Last nights supper included another casserole, we aren’t really casserole people,
but Milton requested this one.
PV and him like it, so I indulged them! 🙂
We took it to the field and he spent a few minutes with us while he ate.

Tator tot casserole, dinner rolls, fresh carrots and pineapple, and for dessert fruit pizza.
Check out that fancy plate ware! 🙂

PV had a t-ball game on Day 2.
Her cousins have been at the farm for a few days, so we got to take them along!
Of course we had to stop for sno cones after the big game! 🙂
Fun all around here with this group!

They had forecasted rain for Day 3, but so far just cloudy, and a few sprinkles.
Check back tomorrow to see how harvest continues!

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “2014 Wheat Harvest – Day 2

  1. My kids love tater tot casserole thanks to the cooks at the elementary school. It is so easy to make even I can do it! That dessert looks awesome too!


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