2014 Wheat Harvest – Day 3

The day started with a 50 % chance of rain and all we ended up with was a few sprinkles on the cab windshield.  This is a good thing right now, since we are in the midst of wheat harvest.

At the end of Day 2, we had harvested approximately 189 acres of wheat.  We have about 800 planted total.

Milton started his day off with a homemade fruit smoothie for breakfast!
Energy Energy Energy right? 🙂 Leftover fruit from the fruit pizza I made! No waste!

He drove through the fields early in the morning to inspect so he could setup to have them sprayed.  He planted some milo (grain sorghum) and then drilled soybeans on the field we harvested wheat in on Day 1 and 2.

His brother came early afternoon to help and started cutting wheat and Dad drove grain trucks.  Mom, she helps weigh the trucks as they come in.  That way Dad doesn’t have to get in and out of the truck.  Milton spent his day sowing soybeans primarily.  They cut wheat until about 10:00 pm once again.  I retrieved Milton from the now soybean field about 9:15 pm and he headed over to inspect how things finished up.

So much activity in the rural area these days! As I drove him home from the field, there was an absolutely beautiful Kansas sky.  You could see combines with headlights on and grain trucks coming and going.  

I spent my evening preparing supper for the family.  I really enjoy this part of my life.  We had hot dogs, brats, chips, and baked beans. Delivered supper to Milton in the field, then headed home to mow the lawn.  I took on the grass and the mosquitoes! They are thick, so be sure to use bug spray people!

We had a cousins sleepover so the girls watched a movie and I baked a Zucchini cake about 9:00 pm.  Homemade cakes is one of my farmers favorite things to have around. His momma makes great cakes, I used her recipe too!

Well until another time! Happy Summer folks!

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