Wheat Harvest 2014- Day 4 and 5

I’m throwing day 4 and 5 together, basically because it’s the evening of day 5 and they pretty much look alike.  My farmer planted milo and then began cutting wheat.  He is still cutting wheat, it’s only about 8:00 pm, I’m sure he will continue to cut for another 3 hours at least!

Here are a few photos for ya!

Morning discussion amongst the farmers!

I rode with him to town this morning to get gas in the blue grain truck! He is very focused here, can you tell? 🙂

This evening PV and I traveled to the field.  It’s normally about this far into harvest when she starts really missing her time with her Dad and becomes more clingy to me! So I make it a point for them to get together, at least for awhile each day. 

The field that is being harvested in the photos will be some of our  “seed wheat” for the next wheat season. Which means that we will use it to plant the next wheat crop.  We cut it and keep it in a separate bin in our grain complex.  You can see in the pictures below, Milton is cleaning out the pit, and unloading the semi truck.

I crawled up on the semi prior to him unloading to get a couple pictures of the wheat for you to see up close.

Tomorrow will be somewhat of a day of rest for us.  We will attend church services and then after lunch they will begin cutting wheat once again.  Milton plans to get up early in the morning to finish planting some soybeans in a field that he couldn’t quite get done due the field being too wet.

This time of year brings long days for our farmers.  As harvest stretches on it will be difficult but within them they find the strength and energy to continue doing what they love.  

Until next time, 


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