Sustaining Skies & Wheat Harvest Waiting

Wheat harvest 2014 has been at a standstill for almost 3 days now.  We hope to try to get back in the fields late today. 

We had rain Sunday night and shower on Monday night.  The farmer has been hauling some of our wheat to the elevator.  Monday he had a “co-pilot”, it was her first trip to the grain elevator.  

She was pretty amazed how the semi sat RIGHT NEXT to the railroad cars!  She loved sitting up high in the semi seat too.  They did lunch out and so I guess you could call this a Daddy Daughter Date! 🙂 

As I came around the corner the other night, my view was of three generations working together.  It was difficult to get a photo in our grain bin complex area.  But if you look really closely you can see PV, MV, and I promise RV is there too!  Loading grain for the first haul the next morning.

We only have approximately 200 acres left to harvest.  That is a couple days worth, if all goes well.  Milton & I sat down this morning and started to figure production of what we have harvested to date.  Although it is not the best wheat harvest, we are grateful for what we have produced.  When I began to seem alittle down about it,  Milton looked at me and said the following. “At least it isn’t a yield of 10.” He is right, so very right.  Time to say a prayer of thanksgiving and look to finishing this wheat harvest and to our next crop season. You take the good with the bad, farming is no different than anything else in this thing we call life.

On the same day I snapped this photo of PV.  It’s one of my favorites now.  Sittin on a 5 gallon bucket, next to a semi, with a planted in the background, and a basket of eggs at her feet. Just makes me smile.

Yesterday I had to make a trip a couple hours west of our farm to visit my father as he is in the hospital.  As I drove farther west, my view was of some wheat fields cut, and combines sitting in fields.  Waiting , just as we are.  I also noticed they had more rain than we have had and my Dad told me they have had 8 inches in the month of June, that was before the current days rainfall.  

As I traveled home late last night, I missed one of my turns, but it wasn’t all bad.  If I would have turned correctly, I would not have had such a wonderful view.  My drive would have been through a town, verses the outskirts of town.  The phone photos do not do it justice.

Did you all see a beautiful sky last night?  Just a reminder that God will sustain us and he is ever present in our daily lives. 

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4 thoughts on “Sustaining Skies & Wheat Harvest Waiting

  1. That is one of the things I miss about living in town, the sunsets here are not nearly as magnificent as they are in the country. Thanks for the pic. I hadn't noticed the egg basket at PV's feet. Love that! And, how is this her first trip to the grain elevator? Lovely post!


  2. Julie,Hope you can get back in the field soon. It's hard to stop and wait when you are in the middle of a huge project. We are waiting until Monday to start haying. They are saying we have an 80% chance for rain on Saturday and smaller chances Friday and Sunday. We are at that \”we just want to get started doing something\” feeling.Sounds like Dad and Daughter had a great day together. Priceless … for both your daughter and husband as well as you and your Dad.


  3. Love post Julie! Thank you for sharing. Do hope your dad is doing well. Thank you for linking up with the Country Fair Blog Party!Laurie – Country Link


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