Coffee with the Savior – The Next Cup – Chapter 8

This is our last and final chapter of this bible study.  Our Monday night bible study group met and it was a time filled with learning, laughing, praying, and eating.  We always celebrate the final chapter of a bible study by sharing some of our favorite snacks!  Good fellowship is a blessing isn’t it?  

Let’s begin.

Our intentions, as we finish another bible study is that we will continue our focus on Christ, daily visits with our Father, and aspire to be what He leads us to be.  I, myself have found that on occasion I do not stick with the plan that is laid out.  I fall away from the course I am to continue on after a few weeks, days, or possibly hours.  I let the distractions of this worldly life keep me from spending time with my friend, my Savior.  Then another bible study starts up, or I actually stop and think about how many days it has been since I did a devotion or visited with Him.  

Guilt sets in.  Can anyone relate?

Aren’t we lucky that we can start anew with each day, moment, hour, or minute!

In our last chapter, we find that Kristen Myers, the author leads us to the place, in the bible, where Moses was not perfect.  He had to be punished by his Father.  Moses chose not to follow God’s instructions (Numbers 20: 2-13), and God punished him and Aaron out of his great love for them.  

He did this so others, the Israelites and us today could learn from the example.  Sin separates us from God and from the wonder we have been promised in heaven. 

“The example of Moses shows us that no matter how faithful or obedient  we are, we cannot achieve perfection on our own.  We cannot bridge the gap of separation from God with our own actions. We all need a Savior.  Without one, we have to face consequences of eternal separation from our heavenly Father.” (Excerpt from Bible study book page 115)

We can bridge that gap and strengthen the relationship by partaking of the Sacraments, worshiping with others, and spending time daily praying and in the Word.

Our Father is a caring and loving God, but he also continues to discipline.  We all need both of these at times in our lives.  I am not sure about you, but I don’t like being disciplined.  

But empowering ourselves with the Word, in either case, will bring forth understanding of why our Father is doing either.  We are sinful creatures but join with me, a sinner too, in building that empowerment.  

When we do not spend time in the Word, we tend to turn ourselves to the world and the things it offers.  We need the Word to keep us focused, build the relationship with Christ, and strengthen us for life here on earth.

Will you make the commitment to spend time with Him daily? Start small if you need to, 5 minutes and build from there.  Do you need a bible buddy?  Let’s find you one then! Let me know if you need some help, I have friends I am sure would be happy to help!

Let’s pray.

Dear God,
We come to you as ones that need disciplined at times, and we fall short daily at being the way you wish us to be.  We can also bask in your love as we partake of the Sacraments and delve deeper in your Word.  Please forgive us for the times we need discipline but may we open our hearts to understand why it is needed.  Thank you for providing us with friends in faith, and talented authors to write bible studies.  May our knowledge grow in the years to come, and may we become closer to you.
In Jesus Name,

Thank you for joining me on my first bible study blog series.  I greatly appreciate it.  You might want to check out my other blog if you would like to see more inspirational writings and faith studies.  I would really like you to let me know if there is any way I could have improved on this particular blog series.  It was my first bible study and I invite all information to help me grow.  Thank you. Julie

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