Monkey Butter & More From the Entertaining Kitchen!

My oldest daughter and I spent our Saturday morning together in the Entertaining Kitchen. 

She and I made Monkey Butter and Blackberry Jelly.  We had only planned to make the Blackberry Jelly, but late the night before she called me asking if we could make Monkey Butter.

I must ask, how many of you “pin” things on Pinterest and never remember them or make them.  Ok, I’m glad I am not the only one!  It was on one of my boards on Pinterest and she had to point me in the direction of it!

You can find the original recipe here.   Here is a photo of all the yumminess cooking!

Our batch only made two 16 ounce jars and an 8 oz jar, and it does have to be refrigerated whether you give it a water bath or not.  We did not find any ground coconut, but we took flake coconut and used the food processor to make it finer.  If you enjoy tropical kind of things, you will enjoy this butter! 

We made two batches of Blackberry Jelly together.  

She had never made jelly or jam before, so it was nice to have her helping me.  After making my first two batches, I am second guessing how much I am charging for the finished product! 🙂 It’s ALOT of work, but well worth it!  Cooking is like farming, I think it has to be in your blood to enjoy it since there can be alot of work involved.

The blackberries I used were from Eldersie Farms which is near the Wichita, Kansas area.  I highly recommend them.  

My daughter thought it odd that the liquid was red, not black.

This is the stage where you are boiling it with the sugar and all ingredients in it.

I am pleased to say that our own blackberry bramble provided 1.5 pints to these two batches of lovely jelly!  I was excited to go out the night before and find several little black gems ready to eat!  I am hoping in the future we can provide our own fruit for my jam and jelly selections!

This is best  97 cents I ever spent was on this!

If you can or make jellies or jams, you really need one of these! It keeps my fingers from getting burned when pulling the rings and lids out of the boiling water.  It is SO worth the 97 cents I spent on it at Walmart! It has a magnet on the end! Genius whoever created this little baby!

My sister and PV were around, so they both took photos of gals working together. It’s days like this, that bring so much joy to me.  Spending time in one of my favorite places, with some of my favorite people!

Are you a jam or jelly person?  What’s you favorite flavor? Comment below or on our Facebook page!

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