Taking a Break from Farming

Milton and I had the opportunity to spend some time together yesterday.  So we headed out for breakfast and then adventured to a museum in Newton, Kansas.  It is called Kauffman Museum and is tied in with Bethel College.  For both of us to get in the cost was $8.00 and I think it was well worth the money spent.  

Their current temporary display was about farming, which we didn’t know until we got there.  There was  part of an irrigation center pivot and lots of information on farming.  It was nice to see agriculture in the museum to help educate those that are removed from the rural communities. 

I thought this was interesting display talking about No till, we are primarily no till farmers. Which means we do not work the ground after a harvested crop.  We do not disc or plow the fields before planting the next crop.  

Machine they use to measure CO2 in soil.

Types of crops raised in Kansas.

Other parts of the museum had some lovely displays to show what it was like to live in the old days. When I say old days I mean like 1800’s and before.  

This is a drill from back in the day I tell ya!  We have it very good Milton & I decided!   Our drill today is quite different. Farming technologies have come a long way.  We do not have GPS or things like that on our farm, but we do know some farmers that have advanced to that technology as well.

Our drill today.

Their main display was on the Mennonite faith, which is interesting to me.  We are of the Lutheran faith.  The other displays included Mennonite made furniture and they were lovely pieces for sure!

On the exterior of the building you can go on a walking path through some trees. When you first walk up to the building there is a Native grass display.  Milton really enjoyed this section.  He has planted some native grass further out from our home in hopes that one day it will be tall and beautiful! There is an old barn and farm home also on the premises.

Back at the farm, the corn harvest only has a few acres left.  It was still too wet as of yesterday to harvest.  Our next crop will be soybeans to harvest.  The weather is cooling down and Fall seems to be right around the corner!

We hope you are doing well and appreciate you stopping by the blog today!


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