Friday Goodness & Learning Experiences

Since the corn is too wet to continue to cut, we headed to the Kansas State Fair yesterday afternoon. It was nice to have some family time and we hadn’t been to the fair in years.  

While we were there one of my friends, Nicole from  Tales of A Kansas Farm Mom was there with her son Mr. D who was showing Miss Ellie.  If you don’t follow her, head over and do so. She’s pretty amazing at telling the story of agriculture first hand.  She’s an actual farmer and rancher.

I liked this experience because PV was able to go back to the barn area and walk around where all the show cattle were kept.  Since Milton and I are not experienced in showing, we all were taking it all in.   As we walked around we witnessed cattle being cared for, you know washing, blowing drying, fluffing their hair, I think some of them looked better than I do on most days! 🙂  

Most of them I saw the youth actually caring for the animals. The parents did assist but in most cases the youth were doing the work. Which is a great thing I believe in this world today.  The parents were advising in cases, and the ones that were about to show, they were alittle nervous for their youth and their livestock.   🙂  

PV was able to actually meet Miss Ellie and pet her.  

Nicole’s other son introduced her to Miss Ellie.  I love this photo because you can tell he is explaining things to PV and she is listening. Mr. M was quite the bundle of information for us while we watched the livestock show too! 🙂

He has even offered to have us come to his family farm and he will teach PV how to show bucket calves! I love it!

As a family we were able to experience this and it was very interesting and fun at the same time.  Meeting the Small Family was enjoyable and makes me want to hang with them more! I thank them for sharing the experience with us!

We ate Pronto pups, Roasted Corn, and had ice cream of course!  A few rides were ridden, and lots of walking!  I picked up some recipe books from the Kansas Wheat Commission booth I am excited about!  

Here are a few other shots of our fun at the Kansas State Fair!  

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