September & Corn Harvest Continues

With my new status of being home more than away, it gives me an opportunity for me to remember why I love what my husband does for a living.  Not because he helps feed the world, provides for our family, or works physically and mentally hard, but because I get to see first hand the impression he is leaving on our child. 

Tonight they were able to get back in to the field to continue corn harvest, so supper was served in the field to Milton.  It was his first night back from his hunting trip, so I had planned a nice meal of Pork chops, rice, and carrots.  Well it’s a good thing I have a handy plastic compartment plate with lid!  I need to find some more of them! Send me links if you know of a place I can get some!

The little farmer and I headed out to the field in the mule.  Milton was unloading and then came to sit with us to eat his supper.

His Dad returned with the semi truck from unloading at the farm.  There was an issue with the elevator leg, specifically one of the downspouts.  So Dad jumped in the combine, and we took Milton back to the farm so he could see about repairing it!

There was an area, straight in front of him on the downspout that was worn and corn was shooting out of it.  So he had to make a temporay repair!  It’s funny what a farmer will find in the sheds to repair something!  Tonight it was belting and zip ties.

It’s amazing what will entertain a six year old on the farm too.  While waiting for Dad, this is what PV talked Grandma into doing!  85 degrees out and she has the snow sled out!  Gotta love this little farm gal!  Don’t worry, I did give Grandma a break and took my turn pulling! NOW, to just train Charlie to pull her!

Once the repairs were done, I took Milton back to the field.  When we arrived we climbed into the blue farm truck.  It was ready to unload, Dad was down the field, so we took her home to unload!  Milton did visit with me about shifting gears and pushing a red button, and how to lift the bed.  I’m just going to leave it at that for now…..

This. This is what I love.  These are treasures my friends! Sweet memories in the making!  Take a gander! Love love love them!

Once it was unloaded, Milton and I headed back to the field.  PV stayed with Grandma to finish cleaning up the corn and sweeping it into the pit.  And of course play with Charlie!

When we returned to the field, as we waited for Dad to make his way back to the truck to unload corn, Milton checked out the soybeans.  Before we know it, we will be harvesting these non irrigated soybeans.  

Grain sorghum/Milo is my favorite fall crop.  I think it is just so pretty when it starts to turn red.  I plan to go look at those fields this weekend, I have plans to use some of the milo for decor.  Our annual Landlord’s dinner is coming up in October, and I think it will make a nice centerpiece.

To end this post I will leave you with this photo.  I love generation photos, especially when in the midst of what both these two individuals love to do in life.  Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “September & Corn Harvest Continues

  1. Looks like you had a good day, Julie. There is something to be said for farm/ranch kids they play outside, think up games/ fun and get in on a little work. Builds character and stretches the imagination. Good Luck with the rest of harvest and I hope things go well.


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