Wheat Sowing – 2015 Crop Year

It began yesterday late afternoon.  Milton prepared the grain drill and headed to the field north of our home and the farmstead.  He began sowing wheat into the field that had previously produce irrigated corn.  The ground was still a little wet for his liking but father in law was ready to sow.  🙂  Milton does most all of the sowing and planting of our crops since we have this grain drill.  

There are many  farmers in our area that started sowing wheat over a week ago. In fact, when I went on my walk yesterday morning I found a few fields that had green popping up! Sometimes I giggle to myself when it is harvest or planting time.  Every farmer has their own opinion of how to farm and when to plant and harvest.  Which is a good thing, but it’s funny to see who is first in the fields.  🙂   My husband tends to be more laid back, he isn’t lazy at all, but he tends to have his reasons to wait.  Just as I’m sure the other farmers have their reasons for starting when they do.  There are different varieties of seed, just as their are a variety of farmers in this world!  May they all find bountiful crops before them!

Let’s back up for a minute, last Friday Milton invited me to ride along to check this field he is currently sowing wheat in.  We needed to check to see if it was ready or too wet. 

There’s no scientific way to check the moisture level.  The farmer moves the past crop remains out of the way and digs in the dirt! 🙂

We found it too wet to sow wheat that day.  So he headed off to his construction side job.  The weekend brought family fun but not before he continued to do some maintence on the grain drill. 

As Dad began to sow wheat for our 2015 harvest, PV and I spent some quality time together.  We played several different card games.  She is a pro, but I think it ended up pretty even for the most part! 🙂

This time of year is a busy one for Milton and my father in law.  They are sowing wheat and harvesting fall crops.  Soybeans will be next, we are thinking later this week.  So the duties of this farm mom increase, so I’m grateful for the new work schedule.  

Have you noticed?  Are they sowing wheat in your area?  How is fall harvest going in your neck of the woods?

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Wheat Sowing – 2015 Crop Year

  1. Julie,Farming in our area: A lot of corn is chopped, no one has started combining corn. Almost all the wheat is out and many have winter wheat planted or are planting. Sunflowers are not ready yet. Hay hauling is in progress.Yesterday was a misty day with showers on and off. Between yesterday and last night we got a half inch. I like your statement about \”watching the neighbors.\” Every ranch and farm has an environment of it's own which is the foundation of why we do our jobs the way we do. Good Luck with your fall work.


  2. I live in an area that primarily has only corn and soybeans, no wheat. As for corn and soybean harvest, things have primarily started in our area in just the last week. Enjoy the busy season!


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