Caramelized Pear Upside Down Cake

I love fresh pears. 
 I bought a sack full last week thinking I would gobble them right up!  
Guess what… I didn’t.  Every time I opened my frig I would see them but only ate one.
I finally decided that I needed to get them used, they were starting to show signs of bruising! 
  We were also out of a homemade dessert.  
My husband enjoys homemade cakes and desserts, thank you to
 my mother in law for him loving homemade! 🙂 
So I made my way to Pinterest and found this little gem of a recipe.   
It came from the blog by the name Living Well Spending Less.  
Now that title got me interested, doesn’t it you?  
Be sure to head over to her blog and show her some love!  
Saving money and living well is something I think we all could use!
Now that I have taste tested this recipe I will give my honest response.  DELISH! 
 It is lovely.  It’s a nice warm fall dessert and it is pretty simple to make. 
 An interesting ingredient in the recipe is cornmeal.  
I think it works nicely with the pears.  
I made it in a nine inch round cake pan as instructed, 
it is just enough for our family for a few days.  
Many times I find that some of our desserts go to waste as Milton and I 
are the ones that eat them, not PV.  So this is perfect!
The only thing I would do differently when I make it 
next time is perhaps make more of the base.  
The brown sugar and butter goodness! 
 I think it needed a tad more for our liking!
Well until next time!  Thanks for stopping by!

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