Farm to Table 2014

Milton and I were lucky enough to snag an evening away from the farm.  Although it is a busy time of year, it was well worth the time away.  We are lucky to have help in Milton’s father, we are very grateful for that.

I had written this post about the awesome blackberries I purchased this past summer to make jam and jelly.  The place, Elderslie Farms also has an annual event called Farm to Table.  When I saw the announcement on social media I mentioned I would like to go.  My husband ordered tickets for us, even though it was a busy time of year for him.  Thank you my dear husband!

The atisanal cheese and wine pairing was served on the patio on a beautiful fall evening.  The gentleman that served the cheese actually made it and told little things about each kind.  It was made with goat’s milk from Elderslie Farms and just about a half mile down the road from this place.

We eventually made our way indoors to the cozy dining area.  They have a sawmill at the farm as well, and you can tell someone is extremely talented. There were long walnut tables, handmade for us to sit at, with benches.  They were adorned with evergreen, red leaves, and what I presume to be heirloom tomatoes dried, with little tea lights to set just the right ambiance.   Simple and lovely.  I failed to get a photo of this.

The menu was beautifully done laying upon our plates and the serving staff was did a wonderful job of staying on top of things. 

The owners introduced themselves and the wife had cooked all the food herself with vegetables from their farm.  From what I could tell, everything was from Kansas, except the wines.  

This was my absolute favorite dish.  Seriously loved every bite and would have taken seconds if it was appropriate!  

Butternut squash gnocchi with sage butter. I have never had gnocchi, but after this experience I plan to play with making it!  It would melt in your mouth and the sage butter sauce was divine!  I am not a huge sage fan, but those little dried sage leaves were the perfect touch to make this dish complete! It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

The main course was just as lovely.  From this course I completely enjoyed the vegetables, they were all perfectly prepared!  The onion stole the show though from this course! I had a red onion flower, it is the dark piece on the left.

We finished with a souffle that was delish!  It was served with, blackberry vanilla coulis. It was the perfect way to end this evening.

This was a different experience for Milton and I, we normally go to dinner for our dates, but not to this extreme.  I am glad we traveled outside our comfort zone to visit a different type of farm, enjoy great food, spending the evening visiting with an interesting couple, and doing it together.  That is what is most important, doing this together.  

I hope you find your way on a date soon with someone special.  It’s a good way to stay connected.  Our plan is to return next year and bring some of our friends!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Visit a local farm soon!


10 thoughts on “Farm to Table 2014

  1. How fun, Julie! What a great date night and wonderful way to experience gourmet food in your area. I think the pork producers did something similar to this in Rapid City a month ago. We had good friends that went and really enjoyed it.


  2. Julie, What a great post I didn't even know anything like this happened here in KS. We will have to check it out. It looked like it was an amazing night!


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