Corn Chopping 2014

It’s that time of year when the scene  from my kitchen window changes . Some of the  tall corn stalks that I normally see , as I do dishes will be gone by noon today.  The field of irrigated corn that we raise behind our home with my 
father in law is chopped for feed for our cattle.  

We hire Luke Fensky Harvesting to chop the corn for us.  The corn is chopped and then dumped into a silage pit. Normally Milton would run our tractor to smooth out the pit, but since they are using large semi trucks this year, the crew is also doing this part for us.  
Their tractor can keep up better.  It’s a very quick process and interesting to watch!

The silage pit is in my view as well from my kitchen window, but I notice it a lot less than I used to. Some might call it an eyesore as I used to, but I know it won’t be there forever 
and it provides nourishment for cattle that will feed our family and others someday.  
We are growing something that feeds another product we are growing.  
As with any business, using your own resources is beneficial to the bottom dollar.  

Milton got up close and personal and took a photo for me of the cutter 
actually chopping the corn.  

We now have silage to feed the cattle. 
The rest of the corn will be harvested by us as usual in the future.

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