Adoption Series – November 2014 – Here we go!

November 22, 2014 is National Adoption Day.  I wrote a piece on this celebration back in 2012, to see our complete adoption story you can read  “Did you know.”  Our family adopted in 2008 so adoption is something we encourage and want to bring awareness to.  

We will be sharing all month long!  The posts will be published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We want to make others aware of the many ways you can adopt, the stories of adoption, and the process we are aware of. Our first post, this one,  will include some basic adoption language and information.

After a family decides they would like to adopt, the next thing to decide is whether they will adopt domestically or internationally.  From what we can tell, these are two very different ways to adopt.  The family must do what is right for their family when making this big decision.  We chose domestic adoption.

Our daughter. 

Domestic adoption is when a US born infant is placed and adopted by a family that the birth parents choose.  

International adoption is a type of adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parents of a child who is a national of a different country.

Sometimes people choose to go through Foster care to adopt.  There are so many children in foster care that are seeking forever homes.  You can find out more information on foster care adoption by clicking the links below.

Foster Care Adoption

Kansas Foster Care Adoption

There are several adoption agencies that are out there to assist those that would like to adopt.  I would advise you to research before committing to a specific one.  Adoption can be an expensive avenue to take to grow your family.  Some ways to research are below.

  • Ask family, friends, co-workers, religious leaders, and perhaps even acquaintances if they are aware of any agencies or people that have adopted recently.  Referrals are a great way to get hands on information about an agency, lawyer, or the process.  Although every family adoption is different, they will have similarities.
  • Google. Honestly we all do this.  You can go to your favorite search engine and type adoption agencies.  It will bring up many, and although I did do that when we were adopting, I was lucky enough to get to visit with people that adopted via the agency we originally signed up with.
  • If you don’t know where to start, find your way to your local foster care agency or an attorney.  They can give you insight as to where to get started.  We actually started with an adoption attorney, and found a wealth of information!  Visiting with every type of adoption agency is important to find out what will work for your family.
There are normally two types of adoptions in regards to the interaction between the birth parents and the adopted family/child.   They are called open and closed adoptions. The definitions are paraphrased in my own words.  To see the full definition from Wikipedia, click on each word to read further.

Open adoption – This is where there is contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents.  Sometimes this could be as little as meeting once or continue contact for years to come with the adopted child.  There are several different types and levels of this type of adoption.

Closed adoption – This is where there is no contact between the birth parents and the adoptive family or adopted child.  The information is sealed and not shared.

A significant day in an adoptive family life is “Gotcha Day” or “Homecoming Day.”  This is the day the new member joins the family .   It could be the day that the adoption is final or it could be the day the child comes to reside with the family.  Alot of families will celebrate this day just as a birthday would be celebrated.

Our family. Our Gotcha Day! We are thankful to our attorney and all those that helped us!

This is only the first of many posts to come!  I hope you will join us on Thursday for our first adoption story!

We hope you will  help us spread awareness and the beautiful stories  that will come this month.  So you don’t  miss a single post, be sure to choose one or two ways to get notifications of each new one! They will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  


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National Adoption Day

Foster Care Adoption

Kansas Foster Care Adoption

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