The Inner Child – Simple Joys

I received a great gift from my family for Christmas, 52 weeks of cards.  I open one every Friday and last week gave me a challenge.  My middle daughter channels her inner child a lot of days, so you can imagine what her card was about.

I am more on the serious side, but as I grow older I am getting a little less serious with life! I accepted the challenge!  Today was the day!  

I am not sure if I have mentioned my youngest daughter’s passion for all things cardboard. She has gotten her Dad to help her build things she has designed and our family room is now a cardboard party room!  Campers, houses, and even jaguar’s own swimming pools!  So I decided I would go for a cardboard addition! I know, call me nuts, but the kids has a great time in them.  When the grandkids come to visit they do too!

I have a friend Joey that I’d like to give a big shout out to!  She saw on my Facebook page that I was wanting ideas and she offered to get me a HUGE and THICK box from her work!  Let’s just say, it is a VERY thick piece! 

This lovely piece of huge cardboard is like three panels thick!  No joke!  The drill and jigsaw were in town with my husband, so I resorted to using a kitchen knife.  A CUTCO kitchen knife!   It didn’t break (thank goodness) and it ended up working well after a very long time!  

I knew I wanted to string some Christmas lights in it, so after the husband got home he drilled the holes while I inserted the lights!  

I decided after this that since I couldn’t get it as fancy or as done as I wanted to by the time PV got off the bus we would decorate it together with Paint pens.  I threw a blanket and pillows inside and one on top.  This way when she wants to have more light, she can just throw her little roof blanket off & to da!  Sunroof!

When she got off the bus I told her I had a surprise and Dad led her in with her eyes closed , so I could video her reaction.  IT WAS AWESOME FUN!


She loves it and we both enjoyed decorating it together! I’m glad I waited to do it with her!

She made this drawing of her Dad and her and a house they built together!  🙂

So I was a child today and it was good to play with my six year old.  It was a delight to see her authentic smile and her bright eyes from something so simple.  I am grateful to Joey for providing me with the supplies, Milton for helping me finish it, and Kassidy for encouraging me to live like a child. 

Me and my girl hanging out inside the Hideout! 🙂 The best thing I heard all day was ” This is the best thing ever!”  🙂  

What’s the simplest thing you’ve ever done as a child or with a child?  Do tell my friends!

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