New Blog Look!

If you haven’t been out to the blog lately you will notice it has a different look to it.  I decided after a couple years it might be time to have a professional create a custom look for our blog.  
My friend Laurie at Country Linked recommended Erin to help us create our new blog look. If you take a look at Erin’s website you will see her talents are many. Be sure and go check he out! Her website is www.erinehnle.com.  After we saw what Erin did for Laurie on her blog, we had no hesitations about using her!  Be sure to check out Laurie’s blog too if you haven’t yet! Super cute kids and pigs and more!

When Erin asked us what we wanted and offered ideas, I could only come back with the fact that our (entertaining) kitchen is a good representation of us.  When I look at the kitchen that Milton built, it shows who we are.  Simple, classic, yet farm.  We feel Erin did quite well bringing that to our blog! What do you all think?  

Our lives are ever changing and 2015 will be no different I am sure.  We are in a really good place right now in our lives and we are thankful for all that we have and that we are sustained another day by our Lord.

On the blog side of things we plan to do a couple series this year and keep with our Adoption series in November.  If you know of anyone interested in helping us this year be sure to share our email address.  betweenthesunsets@gmail.com, we would really like to continue this series from year to year!

Although my other blog is written daily, it has brought me to a place of expression that I feel doesn’t quite fit here at the Sunsets.  If you care to join me there I’d love to have you.
Pushing Forward with Grace I’m doing a great series of sorts over there!  #pfwg44thbirthday  Join me in donating blood in 2015 or sending handwritten letters (44).  

Before we know it spring will be here and the livestock will be sold and the corn will be getting planted!  Winter is a time for rest for us, yet we always find things on the farm to catch up on!

Thanks for stopping by!


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