Women in Farm Management Conference 2015

I was lucky enough to spend some time growing my knowledge of Ag things, connecting with other women in the farming world, and enjoy visiting with a couple friends I do not get to see much last week.

I attended the Women in Farm Management Conference and I must admit I enjoyed the experience a great deal. I recommend it to all women in agriculture, whether you are the farmer’s right hand, business manager, absentee landlord, or work in an Ag related field.  I can already think of two ladies I hope are able to come with me next year.

The speakers varied from a dietitian with Wheat Council Foods, a photographer that was both a great speaker and extremely talented, Senator Pat Roberts, and Dr. Barry L. Linchbaugh to name a few.  I came away with information and happier heart for their speaking abilities. 

They offered a very nice location for the event and the food was more than plenty! The breakout sessions were helpful and sometimes I wanted to attend more than one, but was unable too.  Anything from What is GMO? to Record Keeping to Farm bill information, Estate planning, and Feast of the Fields.  That last one was extremely enjoyable for me!

During the conference I was texting my husband, the farmer to visit about things I was learning.  I couldn’t wait to get home.  Having conversations about farming and me understanding more than I have in the past is a true enjoyment for me.  I feel I am truly understanding more of the dream that lays so close to his heart.  It’s growing within me as well and together we will make farm life a legacy.

Being a Farmer’s wife can mean many things to different people.  But when you collectively place several in one location, with information abounding, the end result will be great conversations, ideas shared, and new friendships made. 

I encourage you if you are a part of the agriculture world and a woman, please join this conference next year on February 4th and 5th.  

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