Take Aways #1 – Food – from #WMFheroes

As I mentioned in my post Women Managing the Farm Conference,  today I am sharing some of my take-aways. I feel if we can not share knowledge then we have lost one of the great things about living a life with meaning.  I hope you find some of the tid-bits helpful!

Judi Adams (Wheat Foods Council) spoke on the first day and it came at a very good time in my life.  I am really making a conscious effort to become healthier.  Being on a farm and living with bread as a large staple in my life, it’s difficult to eat in moderation.  But her presentation was one that gave me hope that I could eat the bread or other things made with flour, but do it in moderation.  If I include common sense, moderation, and a variety I should be able to live a life with  My Plate eating plan. (Note: not diet)  

“Less than 8% of Americans follow these guidelines” (Judi Adams).  To be honest after hearing that 8% I feel ashamed, because I am part of that percentage.  It’s a work in progress and definitely not easy, but hearing this information gives me willpower and motivation!  Check out My Plate, it’s pretty neat!  

Judi explained many things about gluten and celiac disease. Also that there are lots of people now deciding not to eat gluten and it’s not because they have a health issue from it. 

I liked this video, take two minutes out of your life to learn what gluten is.  It’s pretty easy to understand.

Judi also brought to mind the fact that we (the farmers) are some of the best candidates to share knowledge about wheat. We can offer knowledge to the public about how it is grown, teaching about the practices, and what it produces.  If I wanted to know something about a contract I wouldn’t go to a doctor, I would go to an attorney.  So why are people going to non-producers for information about how wheat is grown and what it is?  I will be checking out my newest resource Wheat Foods Council to grow my knowledge!
The next topic I’d like to share about is one that involves food as well.This session I left feeling excited and dreaming.  Mary Mertz from River Creek Farms explained their Feast of the Fields they hold twice a year.  This, from what I can tell is agritourism at it’s best!  

Mary explained how Feast of the Fields came to be, what one must do to prepare to hold events like this at their farms, and the food served sounded incredible!  She stood before me freely explaining what should be done to have events like this!  

I’m sure inviting 50 to 70 people to your operating farm to be served in a corn field or beautiful stone barn is no easy task. The meals are prepared by a chef, served by youth in various culinary and farming clubs and schools.  An explanation of farm life from real life farmers is something those off the farm should take advantage of when it’s offered up! And it is offered up at these events!
My thoughts are” The Little Apple”, Manhattan, Kansas has more than just the K-state Wildcats to be proud of! Feast of the Fields looks to be a once in a lifetime experience perhaps!
I have already contacted Mary to get my name on a list as this is one of those experiences I do not want to miss in my lifetime! You might want to do the same!
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