Out with the Old In with the New – 1688 Farewell

You met the newest addition to our farm equipment inventory already in The Red Machine that Made my Farmer’s Valentines.  

It thrilled my husband to finally have this piece of equipment after caring for the 1688 machine.  Out with the old in with the new but before we start the journey with the 2009 Case IH 6088,  let’s take a look at our faithful friend for over 14 years.

The Case IH 1688 combine was first introduced in 1985 for the 1986 production. Our combine of this model was a 1994 and was purchased in the year 2000 by my husband and his father.  

Milton and I started looking about two years ago, via online auctions and attending auctions. Buying farm equipment is not an easy or inexpensive venture.  It was somewhat difficult for me to grasp this when we bought a piece of land a year or so ago.  

This go around of replacing the combine was easier for me.  I understand the concept of an item “nickel and dimeing” you and breakdowns are no fun. My husband and in father in law take very good care of their equipment, they don’t run them into the ground or anything like that.  Just like with our bodies, as we get older, things need cared for more and we can do less.  It’s still a good machine but after 14 years it was nice.

So we took the plunge, called the banker, found a combine finally that we both felt comfortable with.  It actually is coming from the same gentleman that sold my husband and father in law the 1688.  The 1688 was a good machine to them and it helped us feed our family and the world in good and bad times.  

This is the combine our daughter has ridden in each year since her birth at harvest time.

This is the  combine that ran one year without my husband as the primary driver, except for about 10 minutes.  

This is the combine that as we dated I was able to sit next to him in and watch the wheat be harvested up close and personal.

This is where our family snapshots occurred.

Where breakdowns and repairs were made.

Where my husband sat and year after year felt that rush of the first cut of wheat.  Feeling more adrenaline than he ever will with anything else in life.

Where at the end of harvest it’s gotten us through and we are grateful.  May the next owner of this 1688 have good harvests, happy memories, and relish in the fact that this machine came from a farmer who cared well for it.

Good bye 1688!

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