Farm Meetings & Meals

In the winter time lots of agriculture organizations have meetings and meal for farmers to attend.  Between the grain elevators, crop insurance companies, and local boards you can fill your winter with quite a few if you wanted to!

We recently were invited to an appreciation meal from ADM . ADM is where we sell most all of our grain that we raise.  As I’ve explained before we store a great deal of it at our farm, then watch the markets to decide when would be best to haul the grain and sell it.

ADM hosted their meal at The Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas.  We had the opportunity to tour the establishment that afternoon as well.  We took our daughter and mother in law with us.  To be honest, this type of thing isn’t really my interest but being together as a family is important.  Milton and PV really enjoyed it and I learned a few things too!  I recommend it if you are in the area.

We had a meal of barbecue and side dishes.  I was visiting with another farm woman about the meal.  Although it was one of my favorite barbecue caters, we agreed that there is  a lot of barbecue served at farmer’s meetings! 🙂

It is nice to be appreciated, no matter what occupation you are in.  And when ADM takes the time to feed several farmers in one sitting for using their company in our journey to feed the world it’s even better!

So thank you ADM for the meal and opportunity to visit with fellow farmers!

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*This was not a paid endorsement, they are all my own opinions.

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