Cycles of Farming & Seasons of Change

Well the time has come for us to say goodbye to the majority of the cattle we have been feeding since October.  We will keep a couple back so we can refill our own freezers with beef.   They will feed those until July.  I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a post about raising our own beef to eat?

Sometimes we keep them a little longer and sometimes we sell early.  The market on cattle was quite high when we bought them but has since fell.  Once they are sold we will sit down and review our expenses and see how it turns out.

Sorting cattle.

Life as a farming family is one that there are no guarantees, so we will take what has been provided and know that we will be sustained by the Lord.  We put our trust in HIM and not what is to be produced in the field or cattle pen first.

As the  days get longer and the flowers and trees begin to turn with colors, we too will awaken to a new start.  When April rolls around Milton will begin planting corn.  Which will be followed by soybeans and then grain sorghum (milo).  Before we know it our wheat that has been quiet and dormant all winter will be yellow and ready to harvest.  The cycle of farming is still as it has always been but with each new season comes different things.

We want to thank our readers for following our blog about farming, family, and our faith in God. We are placed here on earth to share HIS ways, we hope through this blog and our farm life we do that justice.

Thanks for stopping by!


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