I like to eat waffles over pancakes any day.  I was lucky enough to get a new waffle maker for Christmas.  It is one of those that you can flip and it beeps when the timer goes off.  I love it!  It’s like being in a motel for breakfast but in the comfort of my own home! 

My mother in law gave me a waffle recipe a while back and I finally tried it this past weekend.  I wanted to share it with you here on Sunsets.  I hope you enjoy them!  It makes a large amount of batter, so if you are only wanting a few, maybe cut the recipe in half.


1 C. All purpose Flour
1 C. Whole Wheat Flour
1 C. Cornmeal
1 Tbls. Sugar
1 Tbls. Baking powder
3/4 Tbls. Baking soda
1/2 Tsp. Salt
3 Eggs
3 C. Buttermilk (can use sour milk made with vinegar)
1/2 C. Applesauce
3 Tbls. Oil
2 Tbls. butter, melted

Mix together and bake in waffle maker.  Normal batter I cook for about 2 minutes, but this batter I needed to go more like 4 minutes.  They come out crispy and air light!

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