Wheat Harvest 2015 – Kansas Style – 2

Our day two of wheat harvest fell on Father’s day and also Tashley’s 27th birthday.  I always seem to recall the first June Milton and I were dating right around this time of year.  I was not accustomed to waiting for anyone, especially when my kids were involved and he had lived a long life of farming. Wheat harvest was going and I had Tashley’s birthday party planned.  Needless to say he came late, and I wasn’t real thrilled with him.  The party was over.  But, all these years later both of us have changed.  I’ve learned more about farming and he has became a man that sets priorities better.  This doesn’t mean he is at every event of the kids but he really does put them before the farm more than 90% of the time.  I’m proud of him for that. 

Here is an example of why I make the statement I just did.  He took the time to hang PV’s new tire swing prior to heading to the field on day two.  She has been wanting one since early May and we had one hid and wanted to surprise her. We thought this would be a good time, she might need more occupation later in the week with Dad gone so much!

I know, you came here to hear about our Kansas wheat harvest, so here goes our update for day two!  We finished the field that we started on day one around 3:30 pm.  Heading to another field we rent (32DO) to begin harvesting there.  The weather was hot, humid, and windy. We won’t complain though because right now the rain needs to stay away. The field of 102 acres was finished between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. PV and I went for a combine ride after she had her softball practice.  It was an enjoyable ride and spending time with Dad is always a good thing!


Dinner was dropped off at the field around 6:00 pm and we didn’t eat together.  Kiddo had softball practice!  I served hot dogs, hamburgers, cucumber salad, watermelon, chips, and baked beans. Dessert was chocolate chip cookie bars. 

Our annual family photo from the cab of the combine!

Day two stats:

12:30 pm Started cutting at YH32
                Moved to new field DO32, finished.
                Moved to new field MV28, started.
80 acres harvested (approximately) today
9 truck loads delivered to our bins at home
4804.16 bushels approximately harvested 
9102.16 total bushels harvested to date
10:00 pm Stopped cutting for day

Harvest meal: hot dogs, hamburgers, cucumber salad, watermelon, chips, and baked beans. Dessert was chocolate chip cookie bars. 

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Julie & Milton

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