Wheat Harvest 2015 – Kansas Style – 1

This year’s blog posts during wheat harvest will include more details than in the past. These will be for you the readers to get a closer gander, some for our landlords that follow us online, and the rest is for us to look back on.  I hope it will begin a conversation about agriculture and provide some education.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask in comments or on our Facebook page.  

If you are interested in when we drilled the wheat last September, check out the post Wheat Sowing 2015!

On June 20, 2015,our wheat harvest officially began.  About a week before, Milton tried to cut a field but it was still too wet.  It was a good test run though since we have a “new to us” Case IH 6088 combine  with monitors and such.  Practice always helps with new things!

We headed south of our church to some ground (YH32) that we rent to begin harvest. The weather in our part of Kansas was very hot and windy.  This type is good to dry the ground out and help the wheat to turn. 

The ground is still wet to some degree and the tires on the combine collect mud, but the wheat is really quite ready to harvest.  The moisture is in the area of upper twelves to thirteens.  This is a good area for it to be.

The fields in our township are buzzing with machines!  Other farmers have made their way to the field as well.  This will probably last for at least 10-12 days for us, unless rain or breakdowns keep us from cutting.  

The days will be long for my husband as he runs both the combine and grain drill.  We plant soybeans and grain sorghum (milo) after the wheat is cut in the fields.  So he will probably rise very early come next week to plant and then hop in the combine late morning. That’s where he will be until late night.

I will spend my time fervently praying for safety, strength, and energy for the man that provides for our family.  I will provide meals, weigh trucks, haul snacks to the field, take combine rides, and haul his kiddo to her destinations! 

Please pray for all farm families that are in the midst of wheat harvest and planting.  It’s always greatly appreciated.

Day one stats:

3:30 pm Started cutting at YH32
88 Acres approximately harvested
7 truck loads delivered to our bins at home
4298 bushels approximately harvested 
10:30 pm Stopped cutting for day
97 degrees hot & windy weather

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It was really dry last September and October

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