Wheat Harvest 2015 – Kansas Style – 4

June 23, 2015 Tuesday

Milton unloaded the truck from the last cut from the night before, did some maintenance type stuff, and took his tractor and planter to a field.  He wanted to get it setup so it was ready to go tomorrow.  Milton will rise very early and begin grain sorghum planting in a field that he just harvested wheat off of.   

EH28 Wheat being harvested 2015

The photographer was too busy to get many pictures today.  They traveled to several fields and harvest is going well.  PV and I traveled to her softball game with other family members. 

When we turned down the road we live on about 10:00 pm Milton was cutting in the field. There’s something about seeing a combine with it’s lights on that makes you stop and think. Way past sunset still going.

Day four stats:
Fields harvested: EH28, DO28C, FAR16Hi 
Started cutting at 10:00 am
134 Acres approximately harvested
11 truck loads delivered to our bins at home
6390 bushels approximately harvested 
Stopped cutting for day 11:00 pm

Harvest meals: Lunch was homemade breakfast burritos with other easy to eat items. Taken to the field and left for the farmer!  Supper was Tator tot casserole and green beans. 

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