Wheat Harvest 2015 – Kansas Style – 5

June 24, 2015           Day 5

This is when the days get really long for Milton.  He wakes early to plant the next crop to go into a field. He started this morning planting grain sorghum (milo) into a field that had been sprayed a few days ago for all that yellow/green you see in the field.  The rain kept them from spraying as early as desired but it will all work out in the end.  It’s just not so pretty right now! Come fall, the sorghum will be beautiful!

Our planter isn’t large but it gets the job done! 

The ladies of the farm helped out by heading to get fertilizer for the planter.  This was the first time I ever did something like this.  🙂 Just me and my sidekick! Baby steps to becoming a farm wife from a farmer’s wife! I made a second trip late in the day by myself, my sidekick decided it would be funner to hang with her cousin at the farm.

Milton’s brother came and helped out by continuing to plant the field that had been started. RV drove trucks and LV weighed them as they came in. Our bins are all full but one now so the trucks will be hauling to the grain elevator now.  Takes longer as there are usually long lines but like I said before, it all works out in the end!

Milton was able to harvest a field that we lease and then headed to a new one later in the evening.  The combine is working out quite well and we are very happy with it.  

Day five stats:

Fields harvested: Far16pond, RV16, Far16house
Started cutting at 10:00 am
4 truck loads delivered to our bins at home
8 truck loads to grain elevator
7100 bushels approximately harvested 
Stopped cutting for day 11:00pm

Harvest meal was roast, two salads, and a blueberry puff with cream cheese.

That’s a wrap for Day 5 of wheat harvest!

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