Wheat Harvest 2015 – Kansas Style – 8 & 9

This day began for Milton at 5:30 am. He unloaded the semi from the last cut of wheat from the night before.  This will be used as “seed wheat” for next wheat crop.  

I made my way over about 6:30 am and we unloaded the soybeans I had picked the day before off the pickup and trailer.  Then they were loaded into the grain drill so it is ready when needed. 

Corn is going back into a field we harvested yesterday of wheat.  Milton went out to see if it was  too damp to start planting.  It was so he headed to a soybean field to replant some that the grasshoppers enjoyed!  

Wheat harvest started back up around 11:00 am and the field we are currently cutting has produced some really good wheat for us.  Milton’s brother V. came to drive combine so he could go plant corn.  RV (Milton’s dad) is the truck driver and hauls the grain.  

PV & I made a quick trip to Elderslie Farms where I get my blackberries for jam making this morning. I will need to get that done in the next couple days!   

 Day 9 was our last day in the field.  We didn’t start until about 2:00 pm.  We spent our morning as a family worshiping our Lord and had a great potluck afterwards!  We did finish the wheat harvest (minus a couple muddy spots) about 9:30 pm.  

We are including a video of Milton running the combine on our last field. 

Fields harvested: YH28, DO32, Silo17

I will do a wrap up post when I have more time.  Now I need to focus on getting life back in order and help the farmer as much as I can in the planting season!  Thanks for following our #wheatharvest15!

Julie & Milton

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