Wheat Harvest 2015 – Kansas Style – 6 & 7

June 25-26, 2015 Thursday & Friday

Day 6

Harvesting Wheat under pivot

Taken through my car window… no filter

What Kansas is known for. WHEAT!  

Day 6 ended like this.  

Day 7

My husband normally helps me in my #pfwg44thbirthday challenge but the timing didn’t work this time.  So my day started out by donating blood alone at a closer location than we normally use.  It went rather quickly and it helped save 3 lives. I was in and out in less than one hour, no kidding! Please consider helping others by donating blood, they are especially short in supply during the summer. 

When I returned home Milton asked me to come with him to haul the Chevy grain truck that was loaded with wheat to the new grain terminal. It had rained and he couldn’t cut yet.  This way I could practice driving with it loaded.  I don’t feel I did even ok, let’s just leave it at that. It was interesting to go to the grain terminal where they load railroad cars with wheat.  I will write a post on that later but here are a couple pictures of the location!

I’m working on becoming more a farm wife verses farmer’s wife and I got a little closer today. I headed to get soybean seed a few miles away from our farm on my own.  This may not be a big deal to others but to me it was.  I headed home with a heavy load!

Milton finished one field he had started cutting yesterday.  Then headed to try another one. The wheat looks really good on it but the straw still had green in it.  So he was off to another field!


He finished the field with some extra passengers.  We love to give combine rides!  The young man was 4 years old and we love him to pieces!  After K rode in the combine we moved to a new field and he was my sidekick in the grain truck.  It’s was so cool to see him so excited about all things farming!

One of my favs. PV & K waiting for the combine.

Combine rides & beautiful skies.  Kansas is good!

PV & I were able to finally spend some time in the combine with Milton.  These two make my life so much fuller, I’m grateful she has the opportunity to be raised by such a good father. Even the smallest moments matter folks! Treasure them while you can!

The post today really showed you what happened between our sunsets from day 6 to day 7.  We will close on sharing the view from the combine cab.  Both nights were pretty spectacular!

Day six & seven stats:

Fields harvested: Far16house, RV16, Nut8, RV17

Truckloads of wheat hauled: 14 plus
Number of acres harvest:124 plus

Harvest food included: Huntington chicken, corn, bread, and fresh fruit

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