Wheat Harvest 2015 – Recap

Milton drove the Case IH 6088 combine, RV took care of hauling wheat via the semi and grain truck, while LV weighed the trucks as they came home to store the grain. Julie helped some with weighing and scale tickets and cooked one meal for everyone each day.  PV, well we will call her the supervisor that played a lot!

Once the grain bins were full at home, the grain began being hauled to the elevator in Canton and the new Ag Producers LLC terminal on Hiway 56.  Hauling to the terminal was a new experience for all, but turned out to be a good choice in our eyes. Depending on the priced being offered in the future, we will see if it is more profitable to haul there verses ADM that is located 40 miles away.

While harvesting Milton did deal with mud in the fields from the rains that blessed our area days and weeks before harvest.  I do not believe ours were as bad as others or at least my farmer didn’t complain much about that.

The yields varied anywhere from 43 to 86. Our average was 62.  We harvested 881 acres of wheat.  Being able to apply the fungicide was a critical component to having a good harvest we believe, along with the rainfall that came in May and June.

The harvest lasted 9 days.  Milton and RV worked the longest hours, normally cutting by 10:00 am and not stopping until 10 or 11 at night.  Milton’s brother VV helped us by planting soybeans and milo.  At one point, Milton did give him the opportunity to drive the combine.  My farmer was pretty protective of our investment. I can understand why as this investment was something that is essential in our farming operation and costs a great deal of money.  We are grateful for the help that his brother offered.

I did do some new things during this wheat harvest.  I drove an empty truck from one field to another, drove a loaded truck to practice, and went to get fertilizer with a trailer.  Baby steps is how I’m going about this farm wife journey and it works well for me. 🙂

Now the days are less stressful as the new crops are planted and beginning to show growth.  

This wraps it up for our wheat harvest and we are focusing on the new crops.  Time to get things caught up as in paperwork, housework, and spending time together as a family.
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2 thoughts on “Wheat Harvest 2015 – Recap

  1. Hosanna for having the harvest knocked over! Grain growers here have a kind of fraught relationship with ADM: there's an attraction to the money it could potentially invest in crumbling rural infrastructure, but also quite real fear it could close receivables sites anywhere outside the big Centres.


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