Farm Wife Reality – I Married a Risk Taker

One of the biggest risks I ever took was marrying a farmer.  I was oblivious to this reality on our wedding day in 2003, even though we had dated the year before. I didn’t really understand or know the realm of things in farm life.  

This photo truly shows the happiness we both felt that day.

Perhaps it took that long for me to realize it because the first part of our marriage he worked full time in construction, farming was the second job.  Even when those roles switched, I still didn’t realize the depth.  I believe it was because I worked full time outside the home. The “safety net” so to speak.  

We don’t always have smiles on our faces together
but they are present more now than ever!

I grew up in a farming family until I was 11, I honestly didn’t know what the reality of farm management was.  Then I lived as a “city folk” for the rest of my life until 5 years ago.  That’s when we actually moved to the farm.

Honestly, we should have moved long before that time.  I believe the reality of living “on the farm” and being more involved in the farming operation has brought about a better understanding for me. A better marriage as well.

When we moved to the farm, I grieved the life I had and even the house we had in town. I recall sitting with my spouse looking out at the same field I am right now. It was during the building of our farm house.  Together we sat where our fireplace is now, without any walls built.  I remember having a mixture of sadness and fear about leaving behind the life I had come to know for so long. Fast forward to the present. 

My life is better for being where I am, more meaningful, and yes more difficult at times. With my change of occupation from working outside the home to stay at home it has brought a time of transition.  It has been almost a year now.  In that time I have participated in the farming operation in different ways. The farm books, paying the farm expenses, watching how many bushels of grain we have, organizing information for insurance and government offices, not to mention tax stuff.  Including some physical labor too!

Working together on the farm

Due to my more active involvement, as wheat harvest arrived a few weeks ago the need for a good wheat harvest came into my view clearly. This year I found myself more committed, interested, and involved than ever before.  I’ve been a partner in this farm operation for 12 years, but I don’t think I ever understood most of it. It’s starting to really click now!

I married a risk-taker. A man of risk.  Those of you that know my husband may be laughing right now, but I’m right.  Farming is a huge risk. 

one of my favorite photos of him

It’s no wonder he loves it, he has to, because if anyone didn’t, no one would last long in farming. I feel any man or woman that can depend on the seed, dirt, fertilizer, chemicals, hard work, and mostly the weather is a risk-taker.  Which means if I married him I must be one too! I can now add that to my resume, right? 

Milton waited a long time to get to this point in his career, he deserves every good crop produced, every sunset he sees from the tractor, and the opportunities he has been given. There will be successes and failures in this farm life, but he knows this.  He is OK with that, and knows the following.

We are sustained, not by the work of our own hands but the abilities that have been given to us. We are not able to stand firm in our moments of risk without the abilities that have been created in us.  The farm would not function if not for God.   I think many need to remember this, the farmer is just the steward of the land.

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