2016 · Grace

Grace – 2016

2 corinthians 129

I could write about all the things I hope to accomplish in 2016, but to be honest 2015 didn’t go as planned so why bother.

I’m not on the negative train, just being a realist I suppose.  In my life, I have spent many hours “planning” for what may or may not come.  I have spent hours worrying about things that never happened and some that did.  Grasping to the Lord to provide in moments of despair while in the good moments feeling confident that “He’s got this.”  (Yes, I should be confident in Him always).

Do I have hopes and dreams for 2016?  Yes.  Some will happen, some will not, and who knows if I will be losing another loved one to death.  2014 and 2015 brought significant losses to my life and yes I am still grieving, but I will not sit in the valleys of darkness to let the rest of my life follow into that hole.


I am still a planner.  So I will “plan” ever so slightly to rise each day, speak to the Lord, listen to the Lord, love my family, and help others.  I’m sure though, in the midst of it all I will probably have days I’m grumpy, snarky, and less than desirable.  I will say things I shouldn’t to those I do and don’t know, I will become angry about what I’ve been dealt, and feel life is not fair.  On those days, all I can do, as I fall into slumber at night is review my day, repent, and capture the rest that apparently is needed to be a better individual.

So, when you are looking to 2016 remember that you are human. Remember that no year or life or day will be perfect here on earth.  Yet we must gather what muster we can to forge ahead and do it with as much grace as we possibly can in each moment.  We have been extended grace from our Lord.  May your 2016 be wonderful!

Grace is a gift,



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5 thoughts on “Grace – 2016

  1. All the best to you in 2016! I love to plan, but sometimes the best laid plans need to be that, laid to the side so that God’s plan can be the plan.
    Thank you for posting in the January 2016 Country Fair Blog Party!


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