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Farm Life – January 2016

Another new year has arrived on the farm.  Although the current days are more silent than buzzing with activity, there is still things to do.  I’d like to introduce you to January on the farm!

Red Barn
Barn on the Farm December 23,2 015

We are currently feeding 153 calves with my father in law.  To be honest, this year’s trip into the livestock feeding has not been an easy one to swallow.  I’d be happy to share some particulars but I’d like to keep this post upbeat to some degree!

Winter 2015

During the winter months feeding the calves is the primary job on our farm.  The equipment is stored away for the winter but preparing for spring is on our minds.  My farmer has already “pre-purchased” seed for the crops that will be planted when it’s warmer out and the hay bales are being used by us and sold to to others.

There is grain sitting in our bins at home and also at the elevator, so watching the daily market prices is important.  Perhaps a post on grain prices and cattle prices  is in the future!  Teaching is part of our goal here at Farming Grace Daily, ya know!

We (I) enjoy the slower pace of winter months.  We use them to reconnect and prepare for the upcoming year.  I am tackling a calendar, finishing book work for 2015, and hoping to have things more planned in 2016 for the farm.  I may not drive the tractor or grain truck (much yet) but I still have ways I can help.  I’m a partner in the big scheme of things so the more I know the better!

Sunrise Kansas
Kansas Sunrise December 23, 2015

There are many benefits of living on a farm, one of them happens to be the wide open spaces.  As I take my daughter to school we are blessed to see the sunrises God has provided.  If we are lucky we are able to be home to witness the sunsets as well.   Kansas has some beautiful ones folks!

January on the farm also means that the wheat is green like grass and laying dormant.

wheat 2015 Dec


It doesn’t look like the amber waves of grain come June in Kansas.

wheat 2015

This gives you an idea of what is happening on our farm right now.  Feel free to ask questions, make comments, and share your experience from present or past of your time on a farm.

Grace is a gift,


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