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#fgd45thbirthday Challenge 2015-2016

45th Birthday Challengehashtag- #fgd45thbirthday

I’ve  made a new birthday challenge for myself.  The #pfwg44thbirthday went so well I decided this is  a tradition I should continue!  I hope with the #fgd45thbirthday I am able to inspire people to join me and share their experiences here on the blog.

The birthday challenge for my 45th year of life is to serve others.  This may sound simple but  I feel that may not be the case.  See I have no set plan like I did with the blood donations.  I knew with that one that every 56 days or so I would be donating blood.  I have some ideas on how to serve but not 45 worth! So feel free to share some!

With this new challenge I must monitor my serving.  If I want to serve diligently I must track it and plan at least the month ahead.  Some will be spur of the moment, some will be group events, and some will be just me doing a chore I normally do not do in my household.

I’ve already starting researching and plan to attend a meeting next week at a local homeless shelter. I am looking forward to getting involved with this particular organization.

The acts will vary in many ways, some larger tasks, some smaller tasks.  Either way I want to serve more and help others.  I want to bring joy to others that may not expect it or want it.   I want to inspire you to reach out and do the same.

I know that I will be doing the serving only because God’s love for me and that is it within me from Him.  He has given me gifts and tools to do this.  I am not alone for He will be with me! Which is good because a few of my ideas are things I’ve never done before and fear is creeping in!

I hope you will join me in the #fgd45thbirthday.  I want to be inspired by you.  I want to hear suggestions for us to accomplish together. I want to hear about how the experience is for you.

Help me celebrate my 45th year of life by stepping out of the comfort zone with me and making a difference.

I’ll be back around February 26th to share my past month experience!

Grace is a gift,



P.S.  I do plan to still donate blood as often as I can!  🙂 Love that I can help others and it only takes a small amount of my time (and blood) ! 🙂


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