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Word Up – 2016

It’s the new year and many blog posts that cross my path this week are sharing their “word of the year”.  I did choose words the last couple years, they were brave and giving.

In 2015 I also was led to this song by JJ Heller called This Year.  When I heard it in early January 2015,  I knew it was a song that would be a good theme in my year.  My life needed to let go of things and start anew and think less of myself.

Last year brought more grief to my life but yet there are so many things to find happiness in as well.  I was able to receive encouragement from those I knew and those I didn’t.  I felt love through the death of my mother from so many people it makes my heart full still today when I think of it.  Yet even in the ordinary daily life of things I received much as well.  I collected memories of my children and grandchildren, friends who taught me new things, opportunities for me to help others.

Gathering to donate blood on a regular basis with my sisters, friend, and spouse was a perk to my life I could look forward to.  Worship with church family that sometimes probably thought I was off my rocker, yet loved me just the same.  They allowed me to document the happenings in our church via photos and didn’t grumble too much.  They just let me get excited and passionate and silly about things that they just saw as normal.

Making memories is a wonderful thing and sometimes the hardships of 2015 brought me to my knees.  I suppose that is where I needed to go to get myself to turn to the only ONE that will ever be able to aid me in my life.  Good or bad, my Lord is the only one that can help me enjoy and find strength to power through.

My family and spouse love me, and my friends do too, but God is the one that I find in the dark hours of the night, while in my bed weeping uncontrollably.  He is the one that will lift me up, take me to places of glory, and I’m glad he uses those around me to do all of these things.

2016 has arrived and although I’m not in the same place as January 2015 I think it’s okay.  I think I can handle more than I think, and when I can not, I’m lucky to know the Truth,  the Light, and the Way.

Serving others is my “phrase” for 2016 I suppose as you might find from my blog post #fgd45thbirthday Challenge.   My theme song will be Casting Crowns ” Love You with the Truth” that I writ about in a couple days so stay tuned!

Here’s where you comment and tell me your “word of the year”,  “anthem song”, or just share in words your hopes for 2016.  There’s no failure here, only an opportunity to grow, and see what happens.

Grace is a gift,



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