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Catapulting Me

I received three new music cds for Christmas. As I drove to work one morning I was jamming out to my new Casting Crowns ” Thrive” cd.   I listened to the song “Love You With the Truth” and then I listened again and again.

My mind went to how this song had lyrics that reached out to me and catapulted me into how I could no longer let my friends (and family) down.

There were lines in the song that when I heard them I said to myself “yes I have thought that and said that!”

lyrics casting crowns

It is time to stop keeping the truth of Jesus Christ to myself.  It’s time to share with others face to face.   I am guessing I will probably learn more along the way God is leading me than I could even imagine!

I love to do mission work and help others but I need to look at those closest to me.  I need to extend my hand and the truth to them!   Grasping the opportunities to share God’s word, serve others, and let them know that Jesus Christ died for them as well.

This song is upbeat and it’s one that will guide me in 2016. I am here for a reason and I am taking this chance to catapult myself into the world.  I pray for guidance, strength, and courage.  Please pray for me and my mission this year!

Do you have a particular song or hymn you feel motivates you more than others?  How about a passage from the bible or a story of how you were led to Jesus Christ?  Feel free to share in comments.

Grace is  a gift,



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