2016 · Entertaining Kitchen

Simplicity of Bread Making

One of my favorite things to do is make a recipe called Amish White Bread.  It uses the basic things in the pantry.  I even knead it by hand although there is a kitchenaid mixer in my cabinet and bread machine close by.

While making this basic bread I find myself standing in my kitchen with various moments.   There is creating, waiting, clearing of my mind, and the pride in working with my hands. The dough changing it’s form and appearance during each step.  The act of kneading with my hands make me think of my grandmother and mother.


My kitchen begins on the cooler side of things but once I get started it becomes a place of warmth.  A place of distraction for my weary mind.  Anticipation in the baking and finally the smell of something purely of times gone by.

The taste of this bread I created with a slather or two of homemade peach jam is an ultimate treat for me.  One that reminds me that I can be comfortable in my home, feel satisfaction of working hard, and rest in the delicious tidbit of warm bread.

Tell me about that little sliver of simplicity you find in your life.  Where can it be found?  If you haven’t visited it lately, I encourage you to.  I bet it will refresh you and help you remember the simplier things in life.


Grace is a gift,



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