2016 · Honesty Days

Honesty Days


Honesty Days is one of the staples I have brought from Pushing Forward with Grace.   The posts are randomly published when I find myself feeling it’s time to shoot it straight!  Some of the tidbits are heart warming, others snarky, and others just down right funny.  (Or at least I hope so)  It was one of the most popular posts on my other blog.  I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment in solidarity or if you prefer to set me straight that’s ok too.  Just know it’s my blog and respect is required upon visiting and commenting!


I started writing pieces of this post back in December.  So some may seem odd in the sense of timing.  Just remember when I publish a post, it probably will not mean it was written on the same day it’s published! 🙂 Enjoy!


  1. This past Christmas season I decided it was okay  to just not decorate as much. I’m sure some had to do with my grief of my parents no longer alive and some that I really wanted to be in the Advent of things.  The shopping was done online mostly. I looked forward to the time with my kiddos Christmas eve  more than any gift received.
  2. I really want to stick to a budget this time for the new year.  I am not encompassing an entire 12 months for 2016.  I am telling myself THREE MONTHS.  Do it for THREE MONTHS.  It will not kill me, just change for the family and I.  Can you say not fun? But it’s a necessity.
  3. I like to open the bag of potato chips from the bottom, not the top.  I’m a rebel like that! 🙂
  4. It used to be when I realized I forgot to put my Fitbit on it totally drove me nuts.  Now, I think to myself “oh I’ll get it the next time I’m up” I then continue to sit in my comfy chair watching Netflix!
  5. Christmas Eve during the day brought darkness.  Then there was light.  With children singing,church family, and my family with me in a pew and at home.  As the night got darker outside, I was feeling the light.  🙂 Thanks be to God and my family.
  6. My youngest is nearsighted.  So much so that we have to go get new glasses or lens every 6-8 months.  Every time I watch the exam it hurts.  Just because I know the results and that this will continue.  I can’t imagine what the parents of children with serious illnesses go through, especially those without a cure.  Hug your little ones.
  7. Things of my religion confuse me at times.  Sometimes so much so I have to go find help.  Mental note, schedule that appointment.
  8. My youngest daughter is becoming more social then her Dad and I.  I’m really not ready for that, seriously. Didn’t God place her with me so I would have her around ALL THE TIME?  🙂
  9. I like my new planner I got for Christmas.  But when I look at January it’s not pretty anymore.  It’s filled up with my handwriting and stickers etc.  Yeah, I’m complex like that.
  10. Hoping to share less on my personal Facebook page in 2016.  (photos I mean). Hum… I’ll let ya know how that goes.
  11. I’m excited about my new part time job I’m starting.   Not the addition of more time away from home but otherwise excited! 🙂  It feels good to feel this way about something in life.  It’s been a rough patch lately! Hope I do okay at it!
  12. I received three cd’s for Christmas.  SO happy to get my jam on! 🙂
  13. This is a test for my husband.  We will see if he actually reads all the way through.  If you see this one tell me the one thing that drives me nuts that you do in the kitchen?  (Here’s a hint: kitchen sink!) :
  14. My fitbit had decided to not work about a week & half ago.  Although I’m now on my 3rd one, I must say Fitbit is really good to work with.  They just replace them.
  15. I think it’s funny that my middle daughter thinks her attitude comes from me.
  16. I’m going to hold onto the one I want to write here.  Maybe next time.

Grace is a gift,


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