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Home Chef… And I don’t mean me!

I have a girlfriend that gave me an awesome gift for Christmas!  But first I must say that this is not a paid endorsement. It’s all my own thoughts & perceptions!  Home Chef do not even know I exist!

The gift was 3 meals from Home Chef.  I wanted to share my experience for a few reasons.

  1. The food was really good.
  2. No shopping was involved for me.
  3. I love to entertain & cook & this gift reminded me of that.

When the box was delivered to the house we opened it to find lots of freezer packs and food nicely packaged.  As we took each meal out we could see the quality right away as they place each meal, individually wrapped in a larger bag.  As we checked out the food more closely and the lovely 8.5 x 11 binder ready recipe sheets our excitement grew!  The ones we received had to be used with in 5-7 days by the way.

Home chef meal chicken green beans cauliflower

My spouse & I enjoy cooking together but with him being a farmer and just life in general that doesn’t happen as often as we like.  This gift was great for us to remember this is something we should do more often!

Farm family cooking farming grace daily

The first meal we prepared was the Swiss-Smothered Chicken with Green Beans and Whipped Cauliflower.

The second meal we decided to invite the gift-givers of this amazing gift over for a Sunday supper!  We prepared the Italian Sausage Farfalle with marscarpone-basil parmesan sauce.  I must stay it was delish!  Our guests enjoyed it as well! There was more than enough left over too!  We had four adults eating it and made the entire amount of food sent, it really could have fed 6 people!

Pasta Dish Home Chef

The last meal was the Seared Sirloin and Miso-Chive compound butter with wasabi mashed potatoes and green beans.  Since we are beef producers and eat our own beef from the farm we were leary of the quality.  But it was quite tender folks!  The only thing we did not do with this recipe was add the wasabi to the potatoes.  Neither of us care for wasabi.  We are happy to report we enjoyed our last meal very much!

Steak potatoes green beans home chef

We will be enjoying the recipes in the future that were provided.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in be sure to check out Home Chef.  I have to admit, if we were empty-nestors or newlyweds that worked full-time (outside the home) I’d say this would work for us.

Thank you to our friends that gave a great gift, we truly enjoyed it!  Do you participate in home delivery of food? If so what website do you use?  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what was up in the entertaining kitchen!

Grace is a gift,


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