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Twenty Years & A Few Occurances In My Life

In early December I found myself in a conversation with my husband that brought memories of the past 20 years to mind.  See, my 45th birthday is late in the month of December and it kinda hit me while visiting with him about the day I was born.

me 25ish
Oh My….
Julie Dec 2015 45
In 20 years time smartphone and selfies are only two of the crazy “common” occurances in life now!

My mind made it’s way back to my 25th year, I recall it only because someone threw me a surprise birthday party.  Here’s what I recalled in 20 years of living since that birthday.


lived in 5 houses.

changed zip codes once.

gotten divorced.

gotten remarried. (2 years later)

moved from town to country.

became a mother for a 3rd time through adoption.

changed membership from one denomination of Christian faith to another.

changed employer 3 times.

drove a tractor and grain truck only a time or two.

helped build the house I live in.

watched two of my children graduate high school and get married.

became a grandma (three times).

led bibles studies.

buried both my parents.

lost and gained friends.

seen the darkest of the darkest in my life and came out to the light and my husband stuck around.

became closer to God.

These are some of the things that came to mind in a 20 year span of adulthood.  In that time I think I’ve become a better person and learned along the way a great deal.

45th bday cake

For instance, how I raised my oldest daughter isn’t how I raise my youngest.  My Sundays are spent in worship, not making excuses of why we shouldn’t go.  The presence of my children and their families is more important to me on any given day than any material item given.  I could go on but that would only be valuable to me, not you,  I presume.

I challenge you to look back whether it’s 20, 15, or even just 1 year ago, find what has changed, value it, and then look to the future.  Let’s look together at what our life might be in 5, 10, or 15 years.  Whatever lies ahead I know that I can survive.  For I have been given grace from my Lord.

Grace is a gift,





One thought on “Twenty Years & A Few Occurances In My Life

  1. There’s probably no better feeling than to look back on a span of years and barely recognize the person you were then. If you’re lucky, you find that you’ve survived things you never thought you could endure and turned out to be braver than you thought. It’s as close to bullet-proof as I’ve ever felt. Can I share? I did such a retrospective a few months ago. If it’s of any interest, this was it: http://newciteaux.blogspot.com/2015/10/what-i-wish-ex-could-have-seen.html


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